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Orange - Citrus X sinensis

New Zealand Orange varieties can be placed in four categories: Common, Navel, Pigmented, and Bitter oranges.

Navel oranges have a distinctive ‘Navel’, and tend to be seedless. On the whole they require less heat to attain optimum quality than most other oranges and therefore are good varieties to the cooler climates. They are not great for juicing, both yielding less juice and juice becoming bitter in storage. 

Common oranges form a large and diverse group, with a wide range of tree-growth and fruit-quality characteristics.

Pigmented oranges are often referred to as blood oranges and are the result of anthocyanins. Cara Cara is not a true blood orange, actually more closely related to the Navel orange, and it's pink-red colour is the result of lycopenes rather than anthocyanins. The red pigments (anthocyanins) develop only when there are low night temperatures and it is not until winter that the fruit develops red colour.

Sour or bitter oranges are named because their juice is both acidic and bitter. The perfume industry uses sour orange flowers and they are often planted in parks and along streets to show off the abundant fragrant blooms and deep orange fruit. The fruit is often used for marmalade and glacé fruit production.

Orange varieties

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