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Apricot - Prunus Armeniaca

Apricots are a quintessential summer fruit! In New Zealand we know Christmas is right around the corner once the apriocts are in store. Great for fresh eating, they can also be dryed or preserved to enjoy throughout the year. 

Early varieties (December/January) require lower winter chill requirements, so are often a better choice for warmer northern areas. 

Later, and dwarf, varieties need plenty of winter chill so do better in regions like Otago and Canterbury, however late frosts can also pose a problem during the blossom period which is something to be aware of Apricots are usually self-fertile, although there are a couple of exceptions and they do tend to produce better if there is another variety nearby. 

Apricots like well-draining and rich organic soil, in a sheltered, sunny position. They do need plenty of water over the fruiting period (approximately 5cm per week), so be aware if you are in a drought-prone environment. Often they are grafted onto peach or plumstocks to give qualities from that rootstock.

Apricot Varieties

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