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Almond - Prunus Dulcis

Almonds, or prunus dulcis, are related to the family of peaches, plums and apricots. If your climate suits growing those fruits, then you can grow almonds however it is good to know that not all varieties are self-fertile, so ideally you'd have at least two for cross pollination. 

Almonds are susceptible to bacterial blight, also known as gummosis, so need decent air flow and not too much humidity. 

The Treecrops organisation are doing a study on which varieties perform best in which areas of New Zealand, and you can find their information here.

They are a wonderful source of nutrition, full of protein, vitamin E, copper and magnesium.

Almond trees tend to grow well in all areas of New Zealand but their productivity, susceptibility to disease, and the shell and flavour can vary a lot in different climates and conditions. They also can be hit hard by frosts during blossom, which can be difficult in the cooler South Island areas.

Almond varietes

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