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Mandarin - Citrus
Reticulata / Unshiu

Mandarins are one of the most attractive citrus varieties with their sweet and juicy flesh and easy-peel convenience. The mandarin varieties available in New Zealand can provide an almost year-round supply of these tasty fruit starting with the early Satsumas in mid April through to the end of Encore in early April. 

Satsuma's originated in Japan, are generally seedless, very easy peeling, of moderate to low tree vigour, and have good disease resistance. They do not have intense flavour however, and sometimes under cool coastal conditions can be biennial bearing. Miho is often the preferred choice because it ripens earlier than the rest of the Satsuma (Wase) varieties. 

Clementine mandarins are known to have excellent eating qualities, and the deep orange rind colour adds to their visual appeal. They are not as popular in New Zealand, mostly because of the preferences of our export markets. Hort Research performed a trial of 22 Clementine varieties, and found Corsica N o . 2 performed as the best variety. Clementines do need to be carefully managed to ensure good fruiting and to control the fungal disease verrucosis (citrus scab). They are best planted away from polliniser cultivars such as grapefruit, tangelos, Encore and Richards Special mandarins, but a buffer planting of Satsuma mandarins or Navel oranges can prevent the Clementine fruit from becoming seedy.

Mandarin varieties

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